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Anton Todd



I first came across clay when I was training to become a teacher. My entire school life had been shamefully devoid of this superb material. I did a short course in ceramics, as part of my Creative Design studies, with Mary Rogers as my tutor. She inspired me, and from that day forward I have loved everything to do with the material. If you have never experienced working with clay then your life has something fundamental missing. It is not everyone's favourite material. In fact I once taught a girl who couldn't stand to touch it (strange creature!). However, it is a material that allows the real you to express itself while at the same time guiding you on a wonderful journey.

clay 1


I developed my ideas and produced various pieces. However, as is quite often the case in life, a full-time career in teaching and the arrival of two children squeezed the clay out of my fingers and almost out of my life. A small, but intensely bright flame flickered somewhere illuminating a potentially dark corner of my mind.

Twenty six years later....

I retired from teaching! I joined the excellent Anglian Potters organisation. I was very apprehensive after such a long period with clean hands. However, as soon as I delved into some beautiful, soft, squidgey clay the small flame lit my main burner and I started to produce work again. What you see in the photos are the results of playing around with my ideas and also playing with mud!

2015-03-18 12.05.42
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