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Initial Inspiration

I freely admit that the impetus for my work came from my favourite potter, Bryan Newman. Bryan's early handbuilt work struck a chord with me that has lasted for a long, long time.











I was a little worried about my work imitating Bryan's until Bernard Pearson once told me.....

" ...after all we all sit on the banks of the same river."


My ideas

I am self-taught potter using clay as a vehicle for my ideas rather than concentrating on building functional work. I develop pieces of work that are based around my love of the sea in all weathers. I am also fascinated by harbours, the boats that they shelter and the buildings that nestle around them. I am also interested in exploring ideas linked to rock formations, waves in water and anything else natural and sometimes mechanical that inspires me. I see ideas in almost anything and transform these into possibilities. Although a keen reader of fantasy, this does not play a major influence. All of my work is based on reality; I have been there and seen these places!

May 2013...At last I have moved to the Norfolk coast and can look out at the sea from my house! I can also collect driftwood which has become a major source of inspiration and now forms the basis of much of my work.

My Inspiration

The Norfolk coast, although wonderful, is not the main force behind my work. Much of my inspiration comes from childhood holidays spent in Devon and Cornwall


“The Sea washes away all of the ills of mankind,” (Euripides, 480 BC).

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